Once it’s in the fall, leaves fall from trees. It’s almost a tradition to clean gutters during this period every year. And in windy areas, it’s more than a once-in-a-while activity. Gutter cleaning is not necessary at all. Gutter guards could just save you some precious gutter cleaning time and stress.

Gutter guards ensure water debris doesn’t get into your gutter. They are covers over your gutter that ensures you never have to worry about cleaning your gutters again.

Here are 6 reasons why every home should have gutter guards:

1. Gutter Cleaning is Risky

Mounting up a ladder means you are risking a pratfall. You are risking more than a pratfall if we are to face it. Your ladders might be firm but it’s just isn’t worth it when you can easily install gutter guards. They are way cheaper than window replacements or most of the other fitting in a home.

2. Gutter Guards Prevent Gutter Detachment

Extreme winter weather can make water freeze in your gutter. This results in water build-up which eventually freezes. The frozen water can potentially pull down your gutters from their hangers or fascia board. If the weight gets too much, gutter guards stop this from happening, preventing twigs and weedy debris.

3. Gutter Guards Increase Your Home’s Value

Gutter guards are worthy investments. They help reduce maintenance cost. Because they not only guard the gutters but they protect the foundation. It’s a plus for any home because homeowners never have to worry about cleaning gutters anymore. This will reflect on the value of your home. They eliminate the need for constant repairs; hence they are maintenance-friendly.

4. Gutter Guards Protect Against Corrosion

Wet debris encourages rust in gutters susceptible to rust. Gutter guards prevent the gutter from gathering debris that foster rust.

5. Gutter Guards Prevent Fire

Fire attacks usually depend on inflammable materials as fuel to foster its ignoble cause. For homeowners living in areas where fire outbreaks are occurring phenomenon, gutter guards in that instance can help prevent their houses from catching fire. There will be no alien objects to help promote fire.

6. Gutter Guards Prevent Pests and Critters

Stagnant water is a haven and a breeding ground for terrible organisms like mosquitoes. Birds, rodents and other animals find your gutters fit for a home. Installing a gutter guard simply leaves this possibility out the door.

The use of gutter guards should not be underplayed. They play an important role in ensuring your comfort. They are extremely cheap and insignificant be insignificant compared to the cost of other home fittings like having a window replacement and switching doors. For your optimum comfort and cost-effective maintenance, consider gutter guards.