Are You Losing Heat - Save Money and Energy with New Windows

Are You Losing Heat? Save Money and Energy with New Windows

There is no doubt about it: energy bills in the 21st century keep going up.

Not only that, but people are becoming much more conscious of their carbon footprint and their environmental impact. For many, one of the most feasible options for keeping their house as well regulated as possible is investing in energy efficient doors and windows. If you are wondering what can be done about high heating bills and large energy consumption, below are some of the ways that new, energy efficient windows can help you.


The problem with old, single-paned windows is that air flows in and out with incredible ease. Single-paned windows can be very drafty (especially if they are old and not well maintained). New, energy efficient windows are at least double-paned, come with superior insulation, and do a better job of keeping warm air in during the winter.

Tax Savings

In addition to saving you money on your energy bill, many jurisdictions offer tax rebates to people who choose to purchase energy efficient doors and windows. They do this in recognition of the effort you are making to minimize your energy consumption and be more environmentally friendly. Every little bit helps, and you can sometimes get multiple tax breaks if you have several windows and doors that are verifiably energy efficient.

Resale Value

Another reason to upgrade to energy efficient windows and doors if you don’t already have them is that prospective home buyers will appreciate it. If you are looking to add some resale value to your home, upgrading out of date windows and doors is good not only for street appeal, but also because prospective buyers will know that they are going to enjoy savings on their monthly energy bills.

Environmentally Friendly

There is a strong non-monetary case to be made for investing in energy efficient windows and doors as well. Doing our part to ensure we are not needlessly expending energy when we could make small changes to the way we live (such as energy efficient windows) should be a responsibility we all take seriously. Striving to minimize one’s energy use is something that is noble in and of itself.

Energy efficient windows and doors are now more affordable than ever, and a small investment can end up saving you an incredible amount of money and energy over time. If you are considering upgrading to new energy efficient windows and doors, keep the above reasons to do so in mind.

If you’re looking to change your windows or doors for more energy efficient products, contact the team at Landmark Home Solutions today!


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