What Window Style Can Improve Natural Lighting For Your Home

What Window Style Can Improve Natural Lighting For Your Home?

The style of your windows is an important aspect of the appearance of your home. Each kind of window style brings a different feel to your home, whether it is a modern or rural aesthetic. Not only can window styles improve the looks of the interior and exterior of your home, but they can also improve the natural lighting that your home receives. Every home has different features, so it is not easy to recommend particular windows and doors that will suit every style of home.

We asked several interior designers to share with us what window style they prefer to help improve the natural lighting in homes, below we outline their top responses.


Sliding Windows

A sliding window is the best option for rooms that face patios and landscapes. A sliding window has two window sashes, usually one is fixed and the other slides in front of or behind it to allow for fresh air. Because of its design, these kinds of windows allow your home to receive plenty of natural light and fresh air. With their sleek and easy-to-use features that emits a cozy atmosphere, sliding windows are perfect for contemporary homes.


Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are versatile and can be used in many different home design styles. Their look is classic, but their functionality is modern. Double hung windows are similar to sliding windows but instead of opening side to side, double hung windows open by moving the sash up or down. Because of this, double hung windows provide proper air flow into your home and also allows for plenty of sunlight to seep in and brighten up your home. Double hung windows are perfect for any room you want to enjoy natural light and fresh air.


Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are a fan-favourite amongst the window community because of their beautiful features and their abilities to improve the look of any room as well as your home’s exterior. These style windows are known to make a room feel larger as they protrude out from the wall. Both bay and bow windows are larger in size when compared to other styles, and because of their size, they allow for a lot of natural light to enter your home. In addition to their size, they allow light to come in from various angles as they protrude outwards from your home, something other window styles are not able to provide.


Casement Windows

Casement windows consist of a single window pane that opens outwardly and are hinged on either the right or left side, most commonly a crank is used to open and close the window, but there are also crankless casement windows that you push and pull to open and close. Because casement windows are unobstructed, they can fit almost anywhere in your home, as long as there is room on the outside for your window to operate. Like many of the other windows on this list, casement windows provide plenty of natural light as well as fresh air.


Picture Windows

Picture windows are fixed, which means they do not open or close. This does hinder its ability to offer ventilation, but it increases the windows ability to offer an unobstructed view and provide plenty of natural light. Because there are no moving components, the frames on a picture window can be smaller allowing for more glass in any opening. An added benefit of picture windows is that they are the most energy efficient windows available for your home.