How Often Do You Need to Replace Your Windows

How Often Do You Need to Replace Your Windows?

Are windows and door replacement on this list for your next possible renovation project? New windows and doors can make a big difference in keeping your home feeling comfortable and looking beautiful. A major advantage is the energy savings new windows and doors bring.

What are the signs that your windows need to be replaced and how often do you need to replace your windows?

The lifespan of a window depends on several factors including style, material, and the manufacturer. On average professionally, installed replacement windows will last between 20-25 years. Climate and other conditions need to be taken into consideration of the life expectancy of your new windows. If your window is in direct sunlight for majority of the day, you can expect the harsh rays of the sun to break down the window material quicker than one that sits in the shade all day.

There are several telltale signs that indicate your windows have a problem and will require maintenance or replacement:

1. A Sharp Increase In Your Energy Bills

When air or heat escapes from your windows your HVAC system has to work harder to maintain your home at a comfortable temperature creating that increase in your energy bills. Along the same lines, if you can feel a draft or cool air coming in from around your window, you can bet that air and heat are escaping from the same gap driving up your energy bills.

2. Your Windows are Hard to Open and Close

Over the years of opening and closing your windows and doors for that matter, the window and frames begin to wear down. Eventually, this wear will create an uneven seal allowing air to pass through or even cause the windows to get stuck, forcing you to fight to close or open them.

3. Condensation or Fog

Condensation between your double or triple pane windows is a strong indication that the seal around the window is broken or has a small hole allowing moisture in and gas (if gas-filled) out. When this occurs, your double or triple pane windows lose most of their efficiency eliminating the benefit of a multi-paned window.

4. Bent or Broken Window Frames

Bent or broken window frames leave you with little options, replacement is your best bet here as the window probably doesn’t close properly allowing for air to escape and get in.

Paying attention to the above signs may not always be top of mind, but if you do notice a sharp increase in your energy bills, find your existing windows are sticking or hard to open, you have condensation build-up or fog between your window panes, or your windows are just getting shabby it is probably time to look into replacement windows. Replacing your windows and doors can make a big difference in reducing your energy consumption, help beautify the exterior of your home and make your day to day a bit more comfortable.