Six Ways To Save Money On Your Utility Bills

Six Ways To Save Money On Your Utility Bills

If you’re looking at your utility bills and shaking your head at the price, you’re not alone.

Many people are stuck with high utility bills and aren’t sure why. However, there are six smart things you can do to save money.

1. Check your furnace’s filters

Every three months check your furnace’s filters to ensure they’re working efficiently. Faulty filters means your furnace isn’t doing its job and could lead to a high utility bill. You should also have your furnace looked at by a professional every fall because routine maintenance will help keep your utility bill from skyrocketing.

2. Turn everything off properly

When your appliances and gadgets are off but still plugged in, they’re on stand-by and eat up energy. When you’re not using your TV, fans, lamps, coffee makers, etc., make sure they’re unplugged. The easiest way to do this is to unplug what you don’t need before you go to bed. You don’t have to unplug everything, but unless you sleep with lamps and the television on, you should disconnect what you can.

3. Lower your thermostat

By setting your thermostat 3 degrees lower, you can save up to 10% on your utility bills. You may want to invest in a thick sweater for the days the temperature really drops but on regular winter days, you won’t notice a thing.

4. Switch to Energy Star® appliances

If your budget allows it, upgrade your appliances to more energy-efficient models. Energy Star® certified products use less energy than traditional appliances and can save you big bucks in the long run. Sometimes it’s worth it to spend a little now to save a lot later. The provincial government offers incentives to people who want to switch to energy-efficient appliances, so you may qualify for a rebate.

5. New windows

If you can’t upgrade your appliances but are still looking to save on your utility bills, try upgrading your windows.Twenty-five percent of heat loss in homes comes from our windows. Energy-efficient windows with double or triple paned glass, will lower your utility bills considerably.

6. Weatherstripping

Even the smallest drafts and leaks around your doors and windows add up. Think of each draft or leak as the equivalent of leaving a window open all year round causing your utility bills to rise. Instead of living with drafts and leaks, weatherstrip the areas around your doors and windows where air can escape.

If you’re looking to change your windows or doors for more energy efficient products, contact the team at Landmark Home Solutions today!


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