A home flooded with natural light is more preferable to its opposite. A dark home would automatically give off a sense of shadiness. And the beauty of the home is hidden under an apparent Satan complexion. It is interesting to know that natural light has effects on our behaviour and health. And most people prefer it in their homes. How do you get your home to beam with light and its grace? Is it by just mere window replacement? Well, stay by for an interesting ride. We are about to figure out.

Here are 5 way to bring in more natural light into your home:

1. Glazing

This is one of the most effective ways to increase lighting in your home. This is important because windows are the primary source of natural light in any home. You can consider a window replacement in this case. It will greatly redefine the view of your home. And it’s an avenue to ditch your aging window and replace with a contemporary or more aesthetic version. Having a window replacement to a casement, bow and bay or picture window will bring a new life, energy, perspective and feel into your space.


2. Reassess Your Door

You can also replace your solid doors with ones that have transparent glass either totally or partially. They immediately usher more light into the home.


3. Painting and Flooring

Brighter colours equal brighter space. Bright coloured paintings and bright floorings synergize with natural lights and spread their glows all across. Floors with shiny finishes like ceramics or stone floors work well with natural lights than carpets. Light colours are the way to go for a naturally lit space. White may seem cliché but that colour hasn’t gotten tired of performing lighting and amazing aesthetic functions over the years. For more natural light, white is just right.


4. Windows

Why stick to those sturdy walls, when windows can glass blocks can do the magic. Consider a window replacement for those walls in specific places in your home. Windows welcome light unhindered and uncensored. When light hugs glass walls, they can’t always hold light back.


5. Positioning

This might be only easy and achievable when building a home. The sun here is going to be put to use. Architects work well with these kinds of considerations. Based on your location they can position the construction of a building for more light. Positioning your home with each feature facing predetermined sides does the magic. Not to worry on this last point, if that opportunity is lost, you could avail the other ideas. They are just as effective or even more effective. Natural light in a home may reduce energy costs by 75%. And research also claims it has a lot of health benefits. It increases focus and most importantly, makes people happier and calmer.