Windows aside the aesthetic appeals they give to our homes also serve many functional uses. They help regulate room temperature. They give a peek into the outside world and they also help prevent noise. But like other parts of a building, they depreciate with time, hence, the need for a window replacement. Every part of your house speaks and it is essential to hear that voice. The window gives a little bit of those speeches in the form of signs when it’s time to take the plunge and get them replaced.

Here are the 5 signs you need new windows:


1. Difficulty opening and closing the window

This can be a heck of a problem at times when you need to get your home secure and regulate the “weather” inside. You probably have experienced those devastating screeching sounds that come with this. It’s one of the sure signs that you need a window replacement. Sometimes, difficulty opening or closing your window might just need basic maintenance practices. They include cleaning the window frames and lubricating. But if you have tried these with no success, you need a window replacement.


2. Noise from outside

When you begin to hear so much noise from outside, peradventure you live in a busy neighborhood, it’s a sign that you need to do a window replacement. The window was probably substandard from the onset or not sealed appropriately. Windows aren’t supposed to have so much noise permeate through them. Consider windows with a plastic-glass sandwich, air space, and laminated glasses. They provide acoustic insulation. They could go a long way in creating serenity in your home.


3. Exorbitant energy bills

Your window might just be the monster pumping up your energy bills. Those back-breaking bills could be a green light for window replacement. Windows are responsible for 20-25% of energy use in residential buildings. Trying to cut down your energy expenses? Consider a window replacement to a more energy-efficient version. If you also want to have your home listed for sale, the cost-efficient energy factor could also be a huge selling point.


4. Difficulty in cleaning

You don’t want a window looking like it had been installed some years BC. Shiny and clean cuts it. If your windows don’t clean easily or you experience stains even spells won’t wipe off, you need a window replacement. It’s a sign that your window has paid its dues and hence, it needs to pass on to rest.


5. Visible damages

Soft window panes, chipping and other deterioration can occur. These situations are usually beyond repair. Often, they are caused by water infiltration and environmental factors. It is proactive to get a window replacement should these circumstances pop up. Saggy windows are not so appealing.