When thinking about home security, you may not think about your windows and doors at first, but make no mistake your windows and doors are some of the most important pieces of your home’s security. Having reliable, well-functioning, damage free windows and doors is key to having a safe and secure home. After some time, your windows and doors will begin to show signs of wear and tear and even develop some faults. If you are not inspecting your windows and doors on a regular basis, you may not notice these faults leaving your home and your family susceptible to potential security breaches.

If you are thinking, windows and doors inspection, where do I begin? We got you. Below we will outline five items to look out for when inspecting the condition of your windows and doors.


Wear and tear can cause several issues for your windows and doors, but the most obvious issue is with the overall operation. If you are facing difficulty opening and closing your windows or doors, it can be a frustrating experience. Chances are you need to put some elbow grease into securely closing them and additional effort in pulling them open. The problem with windows and doors that are tough to open and close, is that you can never be 100% confident that they are closed securely. For obvious reasons, an entry way into your home that is not closing properly poses a big security risk, amongst other issues.

Pest Infestation

Insects are tiny creatures that will find the smallest entry in your home and take advantage of it for as long as they can. A pest infestation can be a sign of damage such as a crack, a warp or a broken seal within your windows or doors. These pest entryways may get larger over time as pests traverse through them, making them accessible to larger pests and the cycle will continue until the issue is dealt with.

Loud Noises

Your home should be pretty soundproof when your windows and doors are closed. Yes, you may hear the odd horn honking or loud shouting, but you shouldn’t be disturbed by people walking by or the dog down the street barking. If you have been in your home and have had your relax and unwind time interrupted, there is probably an issue with either your windows, doors or both.

Hot and Colds Spots in Your Home

Noticing a distinct change in temperature in your home is never a good sign. Chances are if you are experiencing cold or hot spots in your home, they are fairly close to a door or a window. This is because a damaged window or door can no longer keep the outside temperatures at bay, this leads to cool and warm air to pass through causing a change in temperature. Not only will this cause you some discomfort, but it will cause your heating and cooling systems to work longer and harder to try and maintain your home’s internal temperature which in turn will lead to increased energy consumption and increased bills.

Visible Damage

Nothing screams out “take advantage” more than a broken window or door. Visible damage is like an invitation to burglars as it represents an easy access point to your home. Physical damage such as broken frames or cracked glass can cause all of the issues outlined above as well as being a major security risk.

If you were looking for a reason as to why replace your windows and doors? Safety and security should be enough, but increased energy bills, personal comfort, and pests all fall under this category as well.