So, you’re finally ready to get rid of those old, deteriorating windows. Making this decision was probably been time consuming and a little intimidating. You’ve done a lot of research on what style of windows and framing material you want, what glazing options will give your home the best return on investment, and compared pricing and reviews of local windows and doors contractors.

The process of installing replacement windows is efficient. You won’t have to worry about being left open to elements overnight. Old windows can be removed and new windows installed in a matter of hours. How to prepare for your home replacement window? Here are 5 things to expect when getting your windows replaced:

1. Scheduling the Installation

The number of windows you’re looking to replace will determine the number of days it’ll take to complete. You should expect between a two to a three-day timeframe to start and complete the project. Keep in mind that this timeframe is contingent on everything running smoothly with no weather interference or additional repairs needed with the installation.

2. Preparing for Installation

To help prepare for your window installation you should consider removing plants, decorations, window treatments, and anything else that might interfere with the project. For safety purposes, if you have any pets or children, put them in a safe and secure location away from workers at all times.

3. Designating Access

Decide on which doors will be used to gain access to your home. You should clear a pathway to the installation area so that installers can access the windows easily. Then, communicate the procedures you feel most comfortable with for home access with the window installation team.

4. Unforeseen Circumstances

Prepare yourself for the unexpected. Weather interference or additional repairs could get in the way. This would mean an increase in the initial cost of the project or longer project time. Ask about your window installer’s weather policy. Are they going to be working in the rain or snow? If so, you might not want your interior to get wet or muddy.

5. Cleaning Up

What is the company’s policy for cleaning up after installation inside and outside the home? When the window replacement is complete, you should also perform a walkthrough. This is your chance to check the functionality of the window and for visible gaps between the window frame, sill, or wall.