A home’s overall exterior aesthetics provides a first impression for guests. But, as they begin to walk up towards the home, most guest’s attention is squarely on the front door. Your front door can leave a lasting impression on your guest, and it isn’t always a positive one. Your front door faces a lot of wear and tear over the years, as the main point of entry, the door is exposed to above average bumps and scrapes from people coming and going, it also stands up to the different weather conditions thrown at it from each season. From extreme cold to blistering heat, rain, snow, ice, hail and even dust and debris whirling around in the wind, your door stands up to it all. However, even the most durable and well-maintained door will show signs of wear and eventually need to be replaced.

Here are 4 telltale signs that you are in need of a door replacement:

1. Reduced Energy Efficiency

If you feel a draft coming into your home from around your front door, this is an obvious sign that warm air is able to escape your home in the colder months as well. In warmer months the opposite issue will hold true as cold air will be able to escape and warm air will enter your home due to gaps around the door. With the draft comes an increase in your energy bills, as your heating and cooling systems will need to work harder to maintain your ideal internal home temperature.

Replacing your door with a newer energy efficient door will not only help stop the drafts, but it will also help reduce your energy bills.

2. Difficulty Opening and Closing

Doors should be easy to operate, when installed correctly no more than a little energy should be required to open or close a door. Over time your front door may begin to lose its shape, or even loosen from the hinges. As this happens the door will scrape the frame making it more difficult to open and close. You may be able to adjust the hinges to eliminate the rubbing, but if that doesn’t work, a new door maybe your best option.

3. Worn Down

A worn down, faded, scratched, dented door is not a door that you would look forward to coming home to on a daily basis. It doesn’t showcase pride of ownership in a home either. Sometimes a deep clean and a fresh coat of paint is all that is needed to revive a tired door. However, when your door begins to rot, warp, or bend your best option is to replace the door. This is not just for aesthetics reasons, but for security as well. Burglars and intruders tend to single out homes that have entrances that show signs of decay, a new door will stand as an hindrance to those who may be up to no good.

4. Design & Style

No matter the condition of your front door, if it doesn’t fit your style or if the design doesn’t match the rest of your home, it is time to replace the door. Your door can act as the focal point of your home’s exterior, and if it doesn’t flow well with the rest of your exterior, there isn’t many options left but to replace your front door.

Not all entrance doors are equal, there are different materials, varying levels of energy efficiency and security, and multiple styles and colours available for you to choose from. It’s important to research “what to know before buying a new front door” before making your decision.

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