Being a house owner can be a fantastic experience. But at the same time, you find yourself battling all sorts of issues. And this might include a dark interior. Some people feel discouraged when they observe their houses are not as bright as they expected.

Still, before you decide there is nothing you can do to brighten your home, you should read this article! Up next, we’ve shared interesting ideas on how to make your house brighter starting today! Let’s see how to bring in more light!

1. Use White to Your Favor

When it comes to brightening a home, many people opt for adding as many mirrors as possible. Of course, this can turn out to be helpful for small spaces, such as condominiums. Still, if you own a house with larger rooms, you will soon discover mirrors won’t offer you the expected brightness.

Instead, you can use white in your favor. Painting your walls in white helps bounce around the room the light. But you can always include some white accessories in your décors, such as art, furniture, curtains or bedding.

2. Use Warm light Sources

Another interesting idea on how to brighten a house is to add as many warm light sources as possible. Warm lights have the power to create a welcoming environment, which in turn will make the interior brighter. Our advice is to hang the light source as high as possible. In this way, it will simulate natural light.

3. Avoid Positioning Tall Items Next to Your Windows

If you have a big plant, a bookshelf, or any other furniture item next to your windows, it is best to move it from that location. These can block the natural light and can make the interior seem darker than it is. Our advice is to position tall items on the opposite end of the area where your windows are. The effect will be amazing!

4. Use Plants to Your Advantage

You will be amazed by how different a room will appear after you add a plant in its décor. Decorating with plants adds vibrancy to any interior, which in turn will create the sense that the room is brighter than it actually is. Make sure you place your plant pots close to the window without blocking the natural light.

5. And When Nothing Works, Consider Window Replacement

Still, if you try anything possible to brighten your home and you don’t manage to achieve the desired result, you might need another solution. The main sign that tells you that you need window replacement is a dull and dark interior. So, if you feel like your home is not as bright as it should be, consider asking a professional to assess the state of your windows. Newer windows allow plenty of natural light to enter the home, so window replacement might solve your problem.

The bottom line is that there are plenty of design approaches you can take to brighten your home. Still, if the problem is with your windows, the efforts might not prove as efficient as you might expect. Window replacement can increase both brightness and energy efficiency for a home.