Let’s face it, power forms the core of our day-to-day activity and it is something we all can’t do without, but what we can do is control how much of it we use. Electric bills are on the rise and this can take a serious toll on our finances if not quickly and properly managed.

Cutting power usage to reduce electric bills is a smart way to save more on your monthly utility bills. Below are 4 easy ways you can effectively achieve this feat and start saving more money on your electric bills:

1. Use Energy Efficient Products

Unknown to most homeowners, a large percentage of their appliances consume enormous amounts of energy that would later pile up to cause a surge in their electric bill. Replacing functional appliances such as high energy consuming bulbs, power strip or even low-flow shower heads with energy efficient versions will save you a lot of money and help keep your energy bills down.

2. New Windows And Doors

Windows and doors are the major points of heat exchange between your home and the environment. Installing new doors and windows with great insulating capacity will eliminate heat loss from your home thereby reducing the amount of time your HVAC system will have to work on hot and cold days. This reduced heating and cooling periods will ultimately bring about a drastic drop in your electric bill.

3. Install Solar Panels

Installing solar panels on your property is an excellent way of reducing or completely cutting down on your energy bills. Even though quite expensive, installing solar panels will save you more money over the course of time than any other power saving method. Solar panels enable you generate your own electricity and use all day long with partial or zero reliance of commercial power supply. Aside from its zero-power generation cost, solar panels are an efficient means of generating clean, renewable and environmentally friendly energy.

4. Weatherize Your Home

Weatherizing your home involves sealing off air leaks that may cause you to expend more energy in keeping your home warm on cold days or cold on warm days. Using quality caulk, you can easily weatherize your doors, vents and windows to block off air leaks and increase the efficiency of your HVAC system. This will reduce the amount of energy needed to keep your home comfortable and also significantly lower your energy bill.

5. Paint Your Home With Bright Colours

It is no myth that dark colours have higher heat absorption capacity than bright colours. This is why most homes get unbearably hot during the summer because of their dark coloured roof. Painting your roof and home with bright colours will reduce the amount of heat absorbed which will in turn reduce the amount of energy you need to spend on air conditioning.