Have a broken or deteriorating window? Then you’re probably looking into types of window replacement. You will have different options open to you depending on the condition of your existing windows. Are your window frames in good condition? If so, you can replace the window without replacing the window frames. But, if your window frames are aging then you’ll need to opt for a full frame replacement window.

If your window frames are in good condition, then you’ll need a pocket frame window replacement. This is also known as an insert window, which allows you to change the windows of your home without getting new siding and trim. A window installer will place the new window into the current window’s opening.

However, the condition and age of your current window frames will go a long way in deciding if you should do so or not. If your existing window frames are in good condition, you don’t necessarily need to spend money on getting new frames. Such windows must be level and square.

The window installer will only need to choose windows that fit into the existing frames. Your current frames will still fit perfectly into the new windows and keep your home safe and comfortable throughout all seasons.


What are the benefits of replacing a window without replacing the frame?

Since you don’t have to spend money on getting new siding and trim, you will spend less on materials needed for the window replacement. In addition, you will also save money on the installation cost. Comparatively, a pocket frame window replacement doesn’t require as much time and effort as a full-frame window replacement. So, it is not strange that most window installers will offer you a cheaper quote for replacing your window without replacing the frame.


The full-frame replacement could be your best option

Although a full-frame window replacement is more expensive than an insert window replacement, it tends to be the best option in most situations. Some window frames may not have any physical damage; hence, you may be convinced they are in good condition. However, such frames may lack insulation and also expose your home to air leakage.
Unfortunately, such poor frames will make your new windows less effective. Hence, your home will be uncomfortable. Additionally, you may need to deal with higher energy bills.

When replacing your windows without replacing the frames, you will get less modification of your existing windows. In other words, the design and overall look of your windows will look almost the same despite the upgrade. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to improve the appearance of their home with upgraded windows, you must go for full-frame window replacement.