In recent years, many homeowners have been exploring different ways to improve their homes. One way to instantly elevate your home’s aesthetic is by installing new windows. In order to make sure you are following current trends, read below to find out the top 5 window trends of 2021.

Slide operating windows

Opening and closing windows that are on a hinge can sometimes be difficult to operate. Fortunately, many homeowners are changing their windows to slide operating ones. In general, slide operating windows are easy to use as you don’t have to deal with annoying levers and hand cranks. These windows not only improve the functionality of your home, but they can also boost its style and aesthetics.

Larger windows

In 2021, large windows are many people’s top choice. This is because large windows play a key role in allowing more natural light to shine into your home. Having plenty of natural light inside any room makes it feel brighter, more spacious and fresh. In addition, natural light is known to improve people’s mood, making large windows beneficial not only for aesthetics but also to improve mental health. Also, larger windows can be customized in different sizes. Therefore, you can tailor the windows to suit the specific size of your home.

Fiberglass windows

In 2021 people are trying to be more energy efficient and conscious of the environment. Fiberglass windows are known as excellent energy efficient windows as they can help to conserve and save energy. When compared to vinyl and other window types, fiberglass windows last longer and are more reliable. They are also great at withstanding warping, swelling, and condensation. In addition, fiberglass windows can insulate your home which helps reduce the rate of losing cold or hot air. Therefore, if you want to make your home more energy-efficient, consider fiberglass windows.

Minimalist windows

Nowadays, minimalist home designs are taking the center stage in different places around the world. These designs make everything simple and classy. To suit the minimalist designs, homeowners are now going for minimalist windows which include a single, large unit. Minimalist windows are easy to operate and don’t have any complex handles, making this a top choice in 2021.

Eco-friendly windows

The goal of eco-friendly windows is to ensure we have a cleaner and safer environment. Eco-friendly windows are made with frames, panes, hinges, and other items that don’t cause any damage to the environment. Wooden windows are some of the best choices for eco-friendly windows. In addition, solar glass is also an amazing option you can consider for your home.


Any of these window trends is guaranteed to elevate the style of your home! Consider consulting a professional window installer if you are looking to update your windows. They can help you pick the right windows to suit your needs and aesthetics.