The front door to your home or business influences the overall external aesthetic of your property. It is a focal point for people walking up to or past your property. Yet, despite the important role a front door plays in every home or business, many people still don’t pay much attention to it. Consequently, a worn down or worn out door can not only lead to reduced curb appeal, but can lead to efficiency issues as well as security issues.

If you are uncertain of the condition of your front door, here are 5 signs you need to replace your door:


1. Your Door is Outdated

If your front door is worn or just looking weathered, there are hard to cover scratches and just looks out of place, it is probably time to look into replacement options. A new entrance door will invigorate your home or business’s external charm. A worn-out door doesn’t just affect your properties aesthetics, over time the materials may shift and breakdown, leaving gaps which air, water, and critters pass through. This also signals to potential burglars or intruders that there is an easy access point at your home. This is a potential issue with both windows and doors, and should not be ignored. Once your door has reached this condition, it is time to upgrade.


2. You Can Feel a Draft

When closed tight, your windows and doors should be able to seal your home from cold air entering and warm air from escaping. However, if your front door is not sealing properly due to shifting or warping, it will allow for air to pass between the frame and the door itself. With air being able to easily pass from the inside out and vice versa, it will affect your home’s comfort level, as well as cause your heating and cooling systems to work harder to maintain a consistent temperature during extreme weather conditions.


3. It Scrapes the Floor When Fully Open

Over time, with the frequent opening and closing of your front door, it can lead to your door sagging or shifting. This will lead to the door scraping against the floor whenever you are fully opening it. If you don’t upgrade your door on time, it can damage your floor and perhaps even costly flooring repairs.


4. Tough to Operate

Doors that are in good condition don’t need any extra force to open or close. If your front door is putting up a fight or being difficult when trying to close or open, this is a sign of potentially serious issues. Your door or the frame have moved, warped, shifted, altered shape and are now causing friction between each other leading to issues with regular operation. In some cases, this issue can be resolved with some adjustment or lubricant on the hinges, but in most the issues cannot be repaired.


5. There is Moisture Between Glass Panes

If you begin to notice moisture building up between the glass panes on your door, this is an indication that the seals are damaged and your door has lost its energy efficiency. This built up moisture may lead to mold, and other forms of damage. Depending on how your door was manufactured, you may be able to replace the glass insert to rectify this issue. If your door’s glass is not interchangeable, or if your door has suffered from water damage due to the moisture you may need to replace the door itself.