The amount of water and melting snow that is collected by your roof on an annual basis is astronomical and more than capable of flooding your home several times over. This is why it is so important to have a good gutter system. Your eavestrough collects the water coming off your roof and directs it away from your home by way of the downspouts. However, your gutters can only do their job efficiently when they are free of debris. Your gutters can get clogged up with leaves, branches, kid’s toys and balls, and even deceased animals. When this occurs, the water cannot flow freely through the gutters and creates a dam that leads to the water overflowing and running down the side of your home and pooling around your foundation.

Installing gutter guards can help prevent any potential blockages from occurring as they are fitted over the eavestrough to prevent leaves or other debris falling on the gutter. Preventing debris from entering your gutter system is just one benefit of installing gutter guards, below we review 5 benefits of gutter guards.


Less Maintenance

To ensure that their gutters are not blocked by leaves, debris, soil and other things that can get caught in there, most home owners climb up and manually remove any debris by hand annually or bi-annually. This maintenance requires climbing up a ladder, and in some cases getting on top of your roof with a bag to clear your gutters. This is a time consuming and potentially dangerous chore. With gutter guards in place, there is no need to clear debris because the guard prevents anything from falling into your gutters and cutting down your maintenance significantly.


Prevent Rust and Corrosion

When debris gets deposited in your gutter it can lead to premature corrosion as the area will always be moist due to the trapped water. Depending on the material causing the blockage, the constant rubbing and slight movements of the debris can also lead to early deterioration due to the additional wear.


Avoid Mold Growth

Blockages in gutters are a prime area for mold growth. These areas tend to remain moist as the water is not able to drain away and if the blockage is caused by organic material such as leaves or branches you have a recipe for mold growth. The issue with mold growth in your gutter is that it can spread on the roof too!


Avoid Ice Dam Formation and Gutter Freezing

During the colder winter months any trapped water will eventually freeze and more than likely lead to the formation of ice dams and additional blockages. This will lead to more water running over the edge of your gutters leading to slipper ice patches on the ground and potentially dangerous icicle formations overhead.


Thwart Pest Infestation

Gutter guards will not only prevent debris from entering your gutters, but it will also stop larger pests and animals from using your gutter as their highway. Squirrels, chipmunks and rats are just a few of the animals that are known to travel through gutter systems making their way around your home and looking for potential areas they can exploit to get into your home. Keep these pests out with a gutter guard installation.

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