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At Landmark Home Solutions, we are experts in replacement windows and doors in St. Thomas. Allow us to help you in finding the best windows and doors for your home. Schedule a Free in-home Consultation today and allow us to help you in upgrading your windows and doors.

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About Landmark Home Solutions

Since 1987, Landmark Home Solutions has been catering to your replacement windows and doors needs of the residents of Ontario. Our windows and doors are designed keeping in mind the extreme and harsh climates of Canada. We believe in energy-efficiency and are proud to announce that we are number one in Ontario for manufacturing energy-efficient windows and doors.

We have established a robust window and door repair process over the years. Our specialists will look at your current windows and doors and offer their recommendations. Throughout your window and door replacement process, we will work with you. We’re proud to be the first window and door business to be honoured by Ontario Sustainable Energy in 1998 for their going green efforts.

We are the provincial leaders of energy-efficient windows and doors in Ontario. We have experienced installers accredited by AAMA who will work with you to ensure a smooth installation of the window and door. We listen to the requirements of our customers and help them pick the most appropriate styles based on their preferences. Our products are guaranteed to last a lifetime and come with one of the best warranties in the industry.

Window Replacement St. Thomas

Since 1987, the highest quality windows have been developed by Landmark Home Solutions. We have more than 300,000 windows installed and have over 60,000 happy clients. We have been making and trademarking our unique custom-made energy-efficient windows since 1996.

Our windows are unique and are personalized to meet consumer demands. Since 2000, Landmark has been proud to be the Ontario Hydro Energy Window Program’s sole developer and installer. In 2015, we added a specific paint booth to keep in mind the market demand for coloured windows.

Schedule an appointment with us and you will be visited by our window replacement professional from St. Thomas. We’ll analyze your windows and recommend suitable designs based on your needs. We will also explore the pros and cons of each style and why it is more appropriate for you to have a certain style. Our experts will take measurements of your windows once you have selected your preferred design. Our team will then move your order to our factory, where we will make custom windows for you.

Our technicians are well-trained and adhere to strict quality requirements for production. Our expertly trained AAMA installers will ensure a smooth installation when your windows are ready. We only add one window at a time to ensure that the vent within your wall does not stay open for more than a few minutes. Our team will clean up and leave your home neat and tidy after the installation is done.

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Door Replacement St. Thomas

Landmark Home Solutions are experts in door replacement. The replacement of the entry door not only increases the value of your house but also improves the appearance of your entrance. All kinds of exterior doors are manufactured by us: entry, garden, and patio. For our patio and front doors, we have a factory white finish. We also cater to a wide variety of sidelights and transoms that help increase your entrance’s curb appeal.

Our entry doors are extremely robust and have a unique multi-point locking system that improves your home’s security. We manufacture energy-efficient doors that help you reduce your energy bills. We do not use wood in our door frames and sills and this prevents them from rotting. In our doors, we have specially crafted sills that can change with movements in the foundation of your house, so your door is never off-centered.

Our plant has the ability to design all door types: entry, garden, and patio. For our patio and front doors, we also have a factory white finish. This will make your door look more elegant and sophisticated. In order to keep your home warm and your energy bills down, we have specially built energy-efficient doors. Our heavy-duty hinges last for years and can make it a smooth process to open and close doors.

Book your appointment today and you will be visited by our experts from St. Thomas. We will talk about your door replacement requirements in depth. Then, based on your needs, we will recommend suitable choices and designs. We will take your door measurements once you have selected your desired style. Your order will be transferred to our manufacturing facility after that, where we will build your custom door.

We have established strict quality control standards and before it is dispatched for installation, our technicians personally check each door. Our certified installers from AAMA will ensure that the installation is completed correctly. Our team respects your home and will make sure that once the work is done, they clean up.

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Gutter Guards Installation St. Thomas

Clogged gutters can cause significant damage to the exterior of your house. To protect your home from getting ruined by rainwater, allow us to install our Gutter Protection System. Leaves, granules, pine needles, rats, pollen, shingle waste, stagnant water, nests, oak pads, and grit are blocked by our Gutter Guards. We assure you that during the rainy season, you will not have to clean your gutters with our Gutter Security Device.

We have unique mesh openings of the ideal size designed to protect your gutters from clogging. To prevent your gutters from sagging, we have created an exclusive and patented hemming process that secures the surgical-grade micro-mesh and substrate of stainless steel to the aluminum body. We provide the highest quality products and offer the best warranty designed to protect our clients.

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Featured Window

Fixed Window

Having a full window unit for many homes is not feasible. The solutions for such spaces are Fixed/Picture Windows. They are meant to have an unrestricted view of the outside, providing a picture of the exterior space. They are hinged on one side and can be opened like a door on the other side. There is a bolt in place on the non-hinged side to keep it closed. These windows give the homeowner the privilege of determining how much fresh air they want to bring into the house because they have a wider opening.

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Unlike most of our competitors Landmark’s warranty is designed to protect you the homeowner. Contact us today for more details.

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