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At Landmark Home Solutions, we are experts in replacement windows and doors in Newmarket. Allow us to help you in finding the best windows and doors for your home. Schedule a Free in-home Consultation today and allow us to help you in upgrading your windows and doors.

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About Landmark Home Solutions

Since 1987, Landmark Home Solutions has been catering to your replacement windows and doors needs of the residents of Ontario. Our windows and doors are designed keeping in mind the extreme and harsh climates of Canada. We believe in energy-efficiency and are proud to announce that we are number one in Ontario for manufacturing energy-efficient windows and doors.

We have established a robust window and door repair process over the years. Our specialists will look at your current windows and doors and offer their recommendations. Throughout your window and door replacement process, we will work with you. We’re proud to be the first window and door business to be honoured by Ontario Sustainable Energy in 1998 for their going green efforts.

We are the provincial leaders of energy-efficient windows and doors in Ontario. We have experienced installers accredited by AAMA who will work with you to ensure a smooth installation of the window and door. We listen to the requirements of our customers and help them pick the most appropriate styles based on their preferences. Our products are guaranteed to last a lifetime and come with one of the best warranties in the industry.

Window Replacement Newmarket

Landmark Home Solutions has catered to over 60,000 happy customers over the past 30 years and has built more than 300,0000 windows. We produce each design carefully to perfection while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Landmark has been making and trademarking its unique custom-made energy-efficient windows since 1996.

Based on the specifications of each client, we build unique windows for our customers. Since 2000, Landmark has been proud to be the Ontario Hydro Energy Window Program’s exclusive manufacturer and installer. In 2015, we added a special paint booth to cater to our customer demand for coloured windows to add charm to their homes and curb appeal.

Book an appointment with our professionals today and you will be visited by our window repair specialist in New Market to address your requirements for window replacement. We will recommend appropriate styles based on your needs and will address the pros and cons of each style. Our specialists will take measurements of your windows once you have chosen your style. Your order will then be moved to our warehouse for the production of custom windows.

Our technicians are well trained and adhere to strict manufacturing quality standards. Our professionally-certified AAMA installers will ensure a seamless installation once your windows are ready. Only one window will be mounted at a time, leaving the opening in your wall exposed for only a few minutes at a time. Our team is organised and we are going to make sure we leave your home clean and tidy.

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Door Replacement Newmarket

At Landmark Home Solutions, we’ve got a dedicated team of door repair experts. Our doors are built to keep the latest trends in view and we believe in improving your home’s curb appeal. If you are trying to boost your property value look no further than your front door . The replacement of entry doors has a significant effect on the value of your house.

We build custom doors at Landmark based on your needs and style specifications. We have a complete range of all types of doors: entry, garden and patio doors. For our patio and entry doors, we also have factory white finish. Our doors are strong, energy-efficient and have hinges that are heavy-duty. Together, all these features will reduce the energy bills.

Our doors have no wood in their frames or sills, so they don’t rust. We have adjustable sills in our doors, so you can have your door changed if the base of your home shifts and it is therefore never off-centered.

For our entry doors, we have built a multi-point locking scheme. It helps to improve the protection of your home. The curb appeal and appearance of your entry doors will be enhanced by our specially built sidelights and transoms.

Schedule a free consultation with our experts at home and we will assist you in finding the door that best suits your needs. Our specialized experts can ensure 100 percent satisfaction for customers.

We will sit with you to discuss your preferences and they will recommend acceptable styles on the basis of your needs. Our specialists will take the measurements for your doors once you have chosen your style. Your order will then be transferred to our production facility, where we will build custom-made doors for you.

Our AAMA certified installers will work with you on your door installation process once your custom door is ready. We will treat your home with love and care and will make sure that when we leave, everything is left in place.

We will ensure your door replacement journey is smooth with our high quality products, comprehensive manufacturing process and outstanding customer service.

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Gutter Guards Installation Newmarket

We will mount our Gutter Protection System for you to protect your home from getting ruined by rain/snow water. Leaves, granules, pine needles, rats, pollen, shingle waste, stagnant water, nests, oak pads, and grit are blocked by our Gutter Guards. We guarantee that you will not have to clean your gutters in the rainy or snowy seasons with our new Gutter Security Device.

Our mesh openings, optimally sized, protect your gutters from clogging. In order to avoid sagging, we have an exclusive and patented hemming process that secures the surgical grade stainless-steel micro-mesh and substrate to the aluminium body. Our products are guaranteed to last for years and we offer unmatched warranties designed to protect our customers.

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Featured Window

Casement Window

One of the most common window types is Casement. Due to its flexible opening angles, or as part of the bay and bow windows, it is typically used in kitchens. This form, which functions similarly to doors, is ideal for improving airflow and reducing air leakage. For casement windows, energy efficiency is high as they are hung either on their left or right side (depending on the design). Opened outwards, the casement works well with either a crank handle or a push mounted on the rim, even in hard-to-reach places.

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